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Our Other Services:

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Small Terrier
  • We offer interactive training sessions for both the dog and the owner to learn:

    • Interpreting your dog's behavior and teaching both human and pet mutual confidence and trust.

    • Learn how to curb bad behaviors, like pulling when walking on a leash.

    • Learn all the basic commands like:

      • leash training with heel, sit, come, stay, down & other verbal/visual behavior commands.

    • Helps your dog in canine social situations and stress.

    • How to incorporate basic dog obedience into everyday life.

  • Regular classes meet Mondays or Wednesdays 

    $75 for a 6-week class (no make-up days)

Please call us at (270) 629-2140 for details.

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Puppy Having Lunch

Please call us at (270) 629-2140 for details.

- Dog obedience works when there is a commitment to the process, and that the things taught are continued at home.  Dogs need structure and we help teach you that.

- Housebreaking is not an exact science.  The training we do needs to be continued after the 3 weeks is completed.  We share the insight and signs to look out for to help your dog be their owner's best friend. 

- 6% Sales tax not reflected in prices

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone as we deem necessary.

  • We offer a 3-week puppy camp that helps your best friend:

    • Learning to go potty outside​ when they need to 'GO'!

    • Learn good behaviors early.

    • Introduction to basic commands like:

      • leash training​, sit, come.

  • this works best for dogs 6 months and under (older dogs can take longer)

    $500 for 3-week training at our facility.

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